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A unique life experience

The US adventure is first and foremost a unique life experience, whereby students get to live in total immersion on a large university campus for 4 (Bachelor) to 5 years (Master).
It also involves joining a high-level university tennis team with standards that, in some cases, are close to the professional level. It is also the possibility to finance partor the totality of your studies through tennis (see Ranking/Scholarship Equivalence table).  


a unique opportunity

The pursuit of a university curriculum in the USA represents a unique opportunity, so long as you are well prepared on a sport and academic level.

A solid preparation for your future professional career

It’s also the assurance of a solid university baggage, recognised around the world and very sought after by recruiters, acomplete mastering of the English language, and most importantly the acquisition of “the American fighting spirit” - an essential asset to possess in today’s professional world.

Admission requirements:

• Achieving High school
• Minimum requirements at the madatory TOEFL & SAT exams
• A sufficient tennis level allowing to integrate a strong tennis team

Romain Lachens

Manager for the organisation of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games
Ranked 1/6 before leaving to the US

'I was ranked O at the time and had obtained the equivalent of a Bachelor degree in France. I was a good club player but with low professional tennis expectations. I lived an absolutely unique experience at StMary's University in California over the course of 2 years. Learning the language and the quality of the lectures in general have enabled me to acquire the necessary experience to succeed in my carreer in the world of sport - working conditions I have always dreamt of. Upon returning in France, I was lucky enough to work for the Lagardere Pareis Racing, I then pursued my dream to partake in the Olympic Games by becoming the Manager for the organisation of the 2024 Olympics.'

Stéphane Matheu

Manager Team Pro Winamax
Ranked -30 before leaving to the US

'Charles enabled me to integrate the University of Las Vegas (UNLV) in 2000. My profile was rather unusual at the time, because I had already played on the professional circuit (former 280 ATP) for 8 seasons before deciding to go back to studying. I thereby took the opposite pathway to most players who normally first go to the USA, and then integrate the professional circuit once they complete their studies. This experience has simply changed my life. After obtaining 2 Business degrees (Bachelor in Management Information Systems in 2003, followed by an MBA in finance in 2005). After my studies I worked in real estate for 2 years also in Las Vegas. I then embarked into the management and coaching of professional poker players in 2008, notably alongside Bertrand Grospellier. Today, 11 years later, I am blessed to still be able to work in this particular field as I am the manager of the Team Pro Winamax since 2010.'

Alexis Rafidisson

Global Relationship Manager – Crédit Agricole
Ranked -4/6 before leaving to the US

'I made the decision to go to the USA at the University of Pepperdine in Los Angvia the intermediary of Charles Auffray. My choice was guided by my will to find a mix between academic excellence (Pepperdine is in a partneship with Essec) and ambition on the tennis side. In my life there is a before and after Pepperdine. I graduated with a Bachelor in International Business. Following this experience, I was able to integrate a prestigious business school (the EM Lyon) in France to do a Master in finance. Today, I have been working for a corporate bank (Credit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank) for 14 years and I am about to leave for Shanghai in a few weeks time for a director's role as an expatriate.'

Charles Bottoni

Consultant Sales Force Groupe Magellan Consulting Paris
Ranked 1/6 before leaving to the US

'At age 17, I joined the ISP Academy in Sophia Antipolis, which was managed by Charles Auffray. This specialised education programme enabled me to obtain my Baccalaureate in Social Economics (ES) and to improve my ranking up to -2/6.
I then studied for 4 years in the USA from 2008 to 2012 at the University of East Tennessee State - a top 40 division 1 NCAA team. It was a unique experience which combined both high level tennis and studies. I got to travel and play against the best players in the country (UT, Florida, Georgia...) and even participate in the team / individual NCAA tournament! In the end, this adventure pushed me to get out of my comfort zone, enabled me to obtain a Bachelor degree (Business Administration & Marketing), become fluent in English, improve my tennis game and make long lasting friendships across the world.'

Pierrick Izern

Director Media Rights - Groupe Bein Sport
Ranked 0 before leaving to the US

'I left for the USA via the intermediary of Charles a few years ago and was fortunate to be able to integrate a University in California (University of San Diego) thanks to my level in tennis (ranked 0 at the time). It was a truly extraordinary experience. The high university tennis level enabled me to progress to the point where I was able to join the professional circuit after obtaining my degree (Best ATP ranking: No 374). The diploma and experience acquired during these 4 years have also enabled me to rise up the ranks of professional life faster. I am today the Head of Audiovisual rights for the Group Bein Sports. I owe it partly to my fulfilling journey in the USA.'

Emilia Milovanovic

Olympic Committee Paris 2024
Ranked 0 before leaving to the US

'Simply the best decision I have made in my life. Thanks to Charles Auffray, I was given the opportunity to join a 1st division university in the United States. Despite the anxiety of leaving everything behind in France, I quickly understood that this adventure would be a big steppingstone for my future. During my studies at the University of South Carolina and at Wolford, I learnt to manage the schedule of a high-level athlete and student. This proved to be an asset when I joined the professional world in France, where I integrated the Olympic and Paralympic committee for the Paris 2024 Games for 3 years. High-level sport has taught me rigour, how o be a team-player and how to push one-self. 3 essential attributes that I find on a daily basis in my professional life. Every new professional challenge is a tennis match that I try and win. I am today Responsible of the Olympic activation for Bridgestone in Europe, Middle-East, India and Africa.
I can only recommend this experience, which is a true school of life.'

Charles Auffray, former professional tennis player, director of the academy
Why French touch academy scholarship

Being pioneer in the U.S College placement systemes

athletes placed

Average scholarship amount acquired

Charles Auffray & Stéphane Becouarn are the pioneers of university placement in the USA.
Since 1998, more than 800 athletes all sports combined have been placed by our specialist staff who have built a university network whichc omprises more than 150 universities in Division 1 and 2.


Obtaining a sport scholarship in the USA

We negociate the scholarship for you, directly with the universities. The American university system enables athletes to obtain a scholarship to represent the sport team. The number of availables cholarships varies depending on the sport and divisions. In tennis, the numberof scholarships attributed to each team in division 1 is of 5 for the men and 8 for the women. Their amount also varies depending on the level of the player and the university.

Which amount for my scholarship?

The table represents the correspondence between the level of tennis and the scholarship amount generally allocated depending on the level of the team.

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